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Bomuldskys is Danish, and translated to english, it means: Cotton kisses. When I see the cotton flower, it reminds me of small clouds, so soft and airy. Like light kisses. My name is Emilie and I am a crochet- and all things creative - enthusiast.


Bomuldskys took off around the end of 2020 with a vision to create beautiful designs for beginners as well as experienced crocheters. I have always had a great interest in every conceivable creative challenge. As I got older, I forgot to set aside time for me to be creative - a joy I realized should have a place in my everyday life. Crochet has become my meditation and a space for reflection.


Learning to crochet does not have to be an extensive journey - once you master a few, simple stitches, the possibilities are endless.




I am always open to questions and queries. Don't hold back!

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