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Whether you're diving into the world of crochet for the first time or seeking inspiration for your next project, you've landed in a space designed just for you. I, your solo guide in this crochet journey, am thrilled to offer a helping hand at every turn.

Explore this page to find answers to common questions that might be lingering in your creative mind. Wondering about the essential tools for a crochet masterpiece? Curious about how to smoothly navigate through the pattern purchasing process? Eager to know the payment options available? Look no further – you're covered!

Don't hesitate to reach out you can't find the specific guidance you need. Happy stitching!

Do I need any special tools or equipment to crochet?

To start your crochet journey, you don't need an extensive set of tools, but a few essentials can make the process more enjoyable. Here's what you'll need: Hooks size 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 mm · Scissors and needles · Stitch markers · Yarn.


How do I purchase patterns on the website?

To purchase patterns, browse my collection, select a pattern, and click "Add to Cart." Proceed to checkout, enter billing information, and complete the purchase. 


How can I pay for my patterns?

You can pay for your patterns with ease using either PayPal or credit cards via Stripe. Simply choose your preferred option at checkout, follow the prompts, and enjoy a secure and seamless transaction. If you wish, you can also buy my patterns on my Etsy Shop


Understanding pricing differences here vs. Etsy

You might notice variations in prices and discounts between my private shop and my Etsy shop. While my private shop allows for more flexibility in pricing and promotions, my Etsy shop operates within the framework of Etsy's policies and marketplace dynamics. Rest assured, regardless of where you choose to shop, you'll receive the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship that defines my brand.


What currency can I pay in? 

All prices on my website are displayed in Danish Crowns (DKK). For your convenience, you can use online currency converters or check with your bank to convert the amount to Euros (EUR) or Dollars (USD) based on the current exchange rate. Please note that the exact conversion may vary slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates.


Can I download the patterns immediately after purchase?

Absolutely! Upon completing your purchase, download links will be sent to you immediately. Please be sure to download and save your patterns promptly, as the links will expire after 30 days. In case you need them later, don't worry – you can always request a link resend.


I'm having trouble downloading a pattern. What should I do?

If you're experiencing difficulties downloading a pattern, please check your internet connection and ensure that your device has sufficient storage space. If the issue persists, contact our support team at with your order details, and I will assist you promptly!


Can I sell items made from the patterns on this website?

While I encourage the joy of creating, commercial sales of items made from my patterns are not permitted. My patterns are intended for personal use and enjoyment. If you have any questions regarding the use of my patterns, feel free to reach out. Thank you for your understanding!


What is the policy on sharing patterns with others?

Sharing the love for crochet is wonderful! However, my patterns are for personal use only, and sharing them with others, whether digitally or physically, is not permitted. Each pattern purchase helps support the creation of more designs. If someone is interested, kindly direct them to my website for their own copy. Thank you for respecting the policy!



If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to reach out to me:

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